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Wildfires in Yavapai County are inevitable. Be prepared to safely coexist with wildfire. Understand the risk and take steps to: make your home safer for your family, protect your property, safeguard your property value, and create a sense of security.

Reduce the potential impact of a wildfire by BEING FIREWISE!

Being Ready to Evacuate

Being Engaged

  • Participating in community/Yard Cleanup
    • Take personal action to Be Ember Prepared and Create Defensible Space which reduces your homes vulnerability and makes your neighborhood safer.
  • Submitting yard cards
    • Engagement data is used for Firewise-USA recognition, which is necessary for Firewise mitigation grant reimbursement.
  • Be a Firewise Friend and help make your neighborhood safer
    • Distribute 8 yard cards in your neighborhood.
  • Learning about Being Firewise
    • Wilfire Community Preparedness Day, Firewise Facts/Tips, Etc.

StoneRidge Firewise Committee:

Vision: ‘Being Firewise’

Mission: To provide leadership toward ‘Being Firewise’ and engaging residents in wildfire risk reduction and improving neighborhood safety. As well as being recognized as a community with knowledgeable and active residents.


  1. Maintaining Firewise-USA recognition through resident engagement
  2. Encouraging residents toward ‘Being Firewise’ through education, events, and engagement
  3. Facilitating the StoneRidge Community moving toward ‘Being Firewise’ through mitigation and maintenance
  4. Advocating for wildfire risk reduction beyond StoneRidge and creating Defensible Space through Zone Management

Our intention is to offer practical steps that an individual resident and the HOA Board can take to reduce wildfire vulnerability and make neighborhoods safer. Through homeowner preparedness and community planning, wildfires can occur without catastrophic loss of lives, property, and natural resources.

Contact StoneRidge Firewise Committee by email: FirewiseSR@yahoo.com

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